some songs on iphone won't play now

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some songs on iphone won't play now

Berichtdoor faelanstevie » di 24 apr 2018, 17:13


Suddenly some songs on my phone will not play. these are ripped songs that have been in my itunes library for eons. i have an iphone 5s and recently updated to ios 10.2. i do not subscribe to apple music or use itunes match. i am looking at the list on my phone that states "showing only music on this iphone." the affected songs show in my list but when selected play some other random song. there is no download button and no error message when i choose the song. i suspect that some of the songs might have been originally added to my library through home sharing, but that's not the case with all of them. this doesn't even affect all songs in a given album. some songs in an album will play while others will not. i've searched this and other forums, but don't find my exact circumstances in relation to this issue, so i'm hoping someone might have a clue?

Please help.

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